Your Name: Meana
Your Age: 29
Your Hair Color: Dark Brown
Your Eye color: Blue
Surfing: Fan Fiction
Reading: The Golden Compass
Eating: Chips
Listening: Silence
Feeling: Tired
Heritage: Canadian
Description: Does anyone really want to know?
Zodiac: Taurus
Loves: Fan Fiction, Harry/Draco, NCIS, Kate/Tony, X-Men, Storm/Gambit, Aragorn/Boromir


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I am a single, Canadian female in her late twenties. I've been creating websites for almost as long as I've been online, which is to say a little over five years, since around 1996. I admit that I don't have the best HTML skills, but I am quite eager to learn more and improve on what I do know -- case in point, this site is my first attempt at using PHP.