Your Name: Meana
Your Age: 29
Your Hair Color: Dark Brown
Your Eye color: Blue
Surfing: Fan Fiction
Reading: The Golden Compass
Eating: Chips
Listening: Silence
Feeling: Tired
Heritage: Canadian
Description: Does anyone really want to know?
Zodiac: Taurus
Loves: Fan Fiction, Harry/Draco, NCIS, Kate/Tony, X-Men, Storm/Gambit, Aragorn/Boromir


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Domain is my very first domain. Prior to this I'd only ever used the 'free' webhosts like Angelfire, Tripod, and Geocities. They worked well enough, but it meant that my sites were spread out all over the place. I'd never really given any thought to domain names and hosting until about a week into July 2003 when I first discovered I read the information on their page and thought that it sounded pretty simple and easy, and it was.

After deciding to purchase hosting and domain name, came the hard part -- what was I going to choose for my domain name? Some of my choices were taken, some were not, and some appealed to me more than others. Ultimately I chose The title comes from a truly lovely song called 'Borderline Angel' sung by the Canadian group 'Farmers Daughter'.

It is my belief that the title describes me pretty well. ;) In fact, I believe it describes most people pretty well, as few of us are true angels, but most of us are right on the line of it.

Borderline Angel went live on July 17, 2003.

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